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Located inside
The Sutton Center
1848 E Perry St
Suite 170
Port Clinton OH

Open Monday - Thursday  
10 am till 7 pm 
Friday 10 am till 6 pm
Hand in Hand Nail Design Gallery
Not sure what you are looking for? Browse photos to get ideas for a new look...
Katie's Prom Nails done in OPI GelColor Passion and Alpine Snow with rhinestones over natural nails.
Betsy wearing OPI GelColor Cajun Shrimp over natural nails.
Betsy wearing OPI GelColor In Her Majesty's Secret Service
Pam and Sarah having fun with summer OPI GelColors
Deb wearing My Address is Hollywood in OPI GelColor over natural nails.
Mary Ann and Rebecca showing their different style choices... Mary Ann is wearing OPI GelColor and her Rebecca is wearing OPI classic polish.
Margie in her favorite Bubble Bath French Manicure in classic polish.
Jane got her 1st permanent polish at 92 and now at 94 still comes once a month to get an OPI GelColor Mani. It makes her happy that her nails always look great!
Paula rocked Christmas 2012 with The Spy Who Loved me plus a stripe of Goldeye down the center. Bold and glittery it was perfect for her.
Lori likes to be different so when we did her nails for Christmas 2012 she chose Here Today.. Aragon Tomorrow for her base. We then blinged it up with gold/green glitter for a sparkling holiday effect that Lori pulls off well.
Aubrey wearing A Good Mandarin is Hard to Find with some Gold Glitter over top. Her natural nails are amazing!
Donna loves dark polishes for winter. Here she is wearing Russian Navy in OPI GelColor with some teal and white accents for the bling effect.
Jennifer owns The Grateful Dog Bakery so we did her nails with I'm Not Really a Watiress in OPI GelColor and then added some fun puppy paw prints on her pinkies. Her customers loved them!
Kaylee celebrated her birthday with OPI GelColor in Tomorrow Never Dies and some whimsical snowflakes...
Phaedra's wedding is a Mardi Gras theme so we accessorized her nails to fit the occasion. Done with Passion and Alpine Snow in a French slant with hand set rhinestones in the colors of Mardi Gras.
Linda wearing Schnapps Out of It in OPI GelColor with pinky bling in Here Today... Aragon Tomorrow and Goldeneye...
Terri loves the French and using the new Oz glitter top coat Which is WItch really makes that look even more amazing! glitter polish brings a whole new look to I Saw U Saw We Saw Warsaw. Both are from the Euro Centrale collection Spring 2013
Katie's Spring Break 2013 nails and toes began with OPI GelColor in Cajun Shrimp... We added When Monkeys Fly to really  make them shine when she got in the Florida sunshine...
Patti wanted to pull her look together for her son's wedding. We blinged her nails to accessorize the colors in her beautiful dress and shoes.
Sue wearing I'm Not Really a Waitress with some wine glitter brushed into the color... totally beautiful look for her!
This is me with OPI ink and When Monkeys Fly all blinged up for a rock and roll show on Saturday night!
Colleen wearing Unforgreta-bly Blue and When Monkey Fly! Her first time with dramatic nails, she loves this look!
Beth wearing the "Starlite Nails" we created for her. What a beautiful glitter look!
Fun with OPI Glitter Which is Witch, Strawberry Margarita and some texture!
Rebecca with her VERY FIRST OPI GelColor manicure!!
Suzi is Hungary Again with some fun nail art to really pop the colors...
Kim always has such fun ideas... this one turned out really cute!
Lori wearing Kiss Me I'm Brazilian with some Valentine hearts to accent.
Emily wearing a cute design done with Toucan Do It If You Try and I Can't Cope-Cabana from the new Brazil collection